Sneha Sharma Q&A: Interview with the Fastest Indian Lady

   Apr 11,2022

A quick few questions posed to Sneha Sharma, the fastest Indian women driver and a pilot!


27-year-old racer based out of Mumbai is our Featured Driver of The Month. Sneha Sharma is the fastest lady in India having won many races in National Racing Championship. A Pilot and Racing Driver by profession talks about how does it feel like to be termed as the fastest Indian Women on World's Women's day

Q.  How does it feel to be termed as " Fastest Woman in India"?

Sneha: It feels great, it has been a long journey here, with a lot of sweat and grit, and I am glad I made it, racing was not an easy sport for me to follow, with no family support and even funds, I have even worked on track as team manager, tuner, trainer and even accountant to be able to afford racing.

Q. How do you tackle the pressure of competing against Men in the series?

Sneha: I always believe once the helmet is on, I am not a man or a woman I am only and only a Racing driver. There have been attempts to take me off track and various snide comments passed such as you don't belong here, it's not a sport for women, go back and learn how to drive, but I always channelled this anger into my performance and let it speak for itself.

Q. Considering motorsport requires one to be at the peak of their fitness, what's your fitness mantra? 

Sneha:  Fitness is a huge part of my life, I myself used to be 90 kgs and lost 30 kgs to get fit personally and for my sport, I like to keep it interesting I indulge in various activities such as swimming, power yoga, cycling, badminton and even free body workout. With managing flying and Racing together I have a tight schedule so I sometimes wake up at 4 am do push-ups do 4 flights in a day following which I do another session of cardio. It is difficult but my passion for the sport keeps me going.

Q. What are your valuable inputs to young budding drivers for success in motorsports?

Sneha: My inputs to young drivers are, if you want to race come on the Race Track, don't Race on the streets, I would say follow your passion but for the right reasons, it looks glamorous but indeed is a serious profession, which requires good knowledge of the car, rules, safety regulations and along with that swift driving skills. So I would say go for it, MAKE YOUR PASSION YOUR PAYCHECK!!

Follow the Fastest Lady of India on her social media handles:

  • Instagram: Snehasharma52
  • Twitter: snehasharma90
  • Facebook: Sneha Sharma(athlete page)


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