Sep 30,2022

Driving indeed is an exciting prospect for the majority of people. It is a sport that gives tremendous joy. Let’s have a look at some tips that you might need being a new driver.


5 Essential Tips for New Racers

  • Stay Hydrated, rested and fed 

As being new to motorsports you must be practising regularly. To recover from your track sessions and bounce back, make sure to have adequate sleep every night, drink a lot of water and eat properly. Lack of sleep can have a toll on your performance the next day.

  • Attend Events as a spectator

Before jumping straight into motorsports attending racing events is highly recommended. It helps to make you understand more about cars and classes and further narrow down your choice of car you want to race in. Attending events helps you with gaining insight into how race day runs and what happens. Doing this will give you the key knowledge and you will feel more relaxed during the first race as you would be already aware of the event.

  • Ask for help

The important advice among all is to never be afraid to ask for help at the race track. The drivers out there are helpful people and happy to help out. They do so to get you up to speed and compete because racing is all about competition and fun passing. Asking other racers is beneficial in getting useful tips, pointers and advice. Apart from this, you will gain knowledge about shift points, car positioning, braking references, etc. 

  • Buy good safety gears

Don’t make a mistake as most new racers do to spend a large chunk on a race car in comparison to safety gears. For example, a cheaper suit is made of bulky and thick material that can become hot and uncomfortable while driving, which might be fine in ice racing but in summers it will overheat quickly. Good safety gear tends to have a better fit and is lighter and very comfy. It is a bit expensive but worth it. 

  • Focus on where you want to go

Trust on this, your car follows where you look. In practice sessions make a habit of looking where you want the car to go and notice all the details like changes in colour or texture in pavements, any cracks in the pavement, etc. these reference markers will assist you whether you are in the right direction. It will also help in building knowledge so you can predict the movements of the other car. 


Although motorsports can be challenging and tiring at times, the most important thing is that it is fun-filled.

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