Get Ready for Formula Bharat 2025: Pre-registrations Now Open!

   Apr 01,2024

The eighth edition of the upcoming Formula Bharat competition, which will be run from January 22 till 27, 2025 is going to throw new challenges for the young participant that is already running high on excitement. The staffs of Student teams with an interest in the area of engineering have an additional advantage of getting more of them to pre-register by simply signing up before the time-frame set aside for registration. Therefore, don't forget to pre-register before the elapse date of May 3, 2024.


This competition isn't just any race; it's a battleground for budding engineers from colleges nationwide, with a twist this year - the introduction of a quiz in May that will decide which teams make the cut. So, gear up for the challenge!

Divided into Combustion Vehicles (CV) and Electric Vehicles (EV), the competition is heating up with spots for 30 CV teams and 50 EV teams. However, keep an eye out, as these numbers might change as the event draws closer.

The contest is very strenuous as the ability of teams is not only verified on the straights of the racetrack, but outside the track too. It could be taken from engineering design to cost analysis up to material sourcing and manufacturing in the static events up to exhilaration, endurance, and efficiency while on the race track in the dynamic events.

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Interested in throwing your hat in the ring for the 2025 Formula Bharat? Don't miss your chance; click here to get your team in the running.

Last year’s event hosted minds from across the nation by the finest of the international crowd, which included team from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. CV category was taken home by the best team that is represented by VIIT Pune and EV space took the highest place led by IIT Bombay team. Who is the number one automaker of 2025? The fact that you can make it to the ranks of champion racers makes it even more challenging for you, hence, ready your engines and get prepared for the adventure of a lifetime at Formula Bharat 2025.

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