Renault's Retro 5 EV will Debut in Geneva Motor Show in 2024

   Dec 11,2023

Renault is gearing up to introduce a mainstream electric hatchback, named the Renault 5, targeting the European market. Prior to its global premiere in February 2024, leaked patent images unveil the design of the production version. Positioned to rival the VW ID3 in Europe, the Renault 5 EV will be built on the new Ampr small EV platform and feature a 135hp motor. Excitement builds as Renault embraces the electric future with this compelling addition to their lineup.


Exterior Design of Renault EV5

Renault has officially announced its showcase of the electric 5 at the Geneva Motor Show on February 26, 2024. However, recent design filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provide an early glimpse, indicating a striking resemblance to the acclaimed 2021 concept car. The revived Renault 5 has undergone minimal changes in its journey from sketchpad to showroom, a fact subtly hinted at by recent teaser images. Get ready for a close encounter with the evolution of automotive excellence at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

In the rear design, notable changes include a wider gap between the upper and lower segments of the brake light. The once full-width light bar has given way to a solid-black trim piece. Accompanying the teaser images, the brand confirmed the Renault 5's 52kWh battery, boasting a WLTP-tested range of 400km. Built on the Ampr Small platform (formerly CMF-B-EV), shared with the upcoming 2026 Renault 4, the car features advanced technologies, including a unique multi-link rear axle – a distinction in the B-segment electric car category. This suspension upgrade offers superior balance between ride comfort and handling compared to the conventional torsion beams found in models like the Renault Zoe.

Achieving claimed dynamic prowess, the Renault 5 prioritizes weight reduction. Its innovative battery layout features cells divided into four square 'big modules,' enhancing energy density and shedding 15kg compared to the Zoe's 52kWh pack. The 5 also adopts new motors, magnet-free, and integrates the charger, power converter, and auxiliary power-management box, contributing to an additional 20kg weight reduction compared to the Zoe. Renault has confirmed the motor's 135hp output, and production will take place at the historic Cleon factory, known for producing electric powertrains for the Megane.

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