Why Spec Racer Ford is a Superb Race Car: 5 Reasons

   Sep 30,2022

One of the most well-known race cars at the Sports Vehicle Club of America (SCCA) is the Spec Race Ford. It’s a common sighting to see groups of these vehicles moving together around the race tracks.


5 Reasons why Spec Racer Ford is an excellent Race Car

Let’s find out why they are so popular.

  • Momentum Car

For the new as well as experienced drivers Racer Ford is s fantastic training tool having a minimum weight of 1560 lbs, moved along by a 1.6 L Sigma engine tuned to 135 hp, 118 lb-ft torque. The driver can make up time when he loose speed due to a driving mistake. These vehicles are fast through the corners with low weight and Hoosier racing slick, hence during test days, they will easily pass different vehicles in the corners. Fast lines, smooth inputs, high corners and driver skill are compensated with fast lap times.

  • Sealed components

The rules are not continually transforming as it has a long-running fixed rule set, there is no need to spend more cash on recent go-quick parts nor worry for competitors are exploiting grey area loopholes. This leads to staying focused on driving. 

Specification parts and sealed components including transmission, engine, ECU, and shocks are used in the cars to guarantee an even playing field and equality between the cars. 

  • Purpose-Built Racecar

The Spec Racer Ford is an open cockpit rear drive and solitary seat racecar. The suspension has little compliance using rod end bearings, solid bushings, and adjustability incorporated into the suspension links. Intended for easy access the car is adjustable for castor, camber, toe, ride height, and sway bars that let the driver tune it to their driving style and track conditions.

  • Affordable operating cost

Motorsports is an expensive game but the cost of Spec Racer Ford is somewhat reasonable. The yearly expenses can be kept low by maintaining regularly, engines can last many seasons, and other parts like filters, brakes, fluids, spark plugs, and spare parts are economical. This vehicle was built keeping in mind the beginner racer 

  • Removable body panels

The bodywork of the Spec Racer Ford is built with lightweight three-piece fibreglass which is easily removable giving speedy access to suspension changes, trackside support, or fixes. It’s simple to repair fibreglass with mesh and resin unlike extraordinary materials like carbon-Kevlar or carbon fibre. After an incident, you can quickly repair it trackside to get back on the track for the next race.


The Spec Racer Ford is the right car for beginners, just give it a try. Go ahead and rent one if you are keen on wheel-to-wheel racing.

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