Honda Unveils Pair of Electric SUV Models

   Feb 08,2024

Honda is set to launch two new electric vehicle (EV) models, the E:NS2 and E:NP2, in some countries around the world soon.


Last year, at the Shanghai motor show, Honda introduced three electric SUV concepts. Now, information from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reveals that two of these models – the E:NS2 and E:NP2 – will be available for purchase soon. These two electric SUVs are almost the same, with only minor differences in their lights and bumpers.

The E:NS2 and E:NP2 are the successors to the e:NS1 and e:NP1 models, which are currently sold in China. These new models will be produced by Dongfeng and GAC, just like their predecessors. However, they will have more distinct features compared to the e:NS1 and e:NP1. The E:NS2 has sharp LED daytime running lights similar to Peugeot cars, while the E:NP2 looks more like the latest Honda models sold in other countries.

Both EV SUVs share a design feature of wide horizontal bars on the front and rear bumpers, giving them a modern look. They also have a sloping rear roofline, making them look more like crossover vehicles than traditional upright SUVs.

According to the details provided, both the E:NS2 and E:NP2 will have a single electric motor that produces 204 horsepower, powered by a 68.8kWh battery. They share the same size in terms of wheelbase, width, and height, but their lengths are slightly different by just 1mm, with the E:NP2 being the longer one.

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As for Honda's plans in India, there's no confirmation if the E:NS2 and E:NP2 will be sold there. However, Honda is working on an Asian Compact Electric (ACE) project in India, which includes the development of an electric vehicle based on the Elevate model, expected to launch in 2026. Honda is preparing for this by upgrading its factory in Tapukara, Rajasthan.

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