Tips for Dirt Bike Riding

   Oct 11,2022

It is widely believed that Dirt Bike is the most challenging two-wheeler vehicle to ride, as they take time to get familiar with their unique driving style. But once you learn it, you will experience an enthralling off-road adventure. 


To enjoy an exciting ride, here we have listed a few tips to help beginners in dirt bike riding. 

Beginners Guide to Dirt-Bike Riding

Here are the tips to improve your off-road biking so that you can get the most out of this motorsports

  • Riding Position

Have you ever witnessed a dirt bike race? There is a common theme among the riders; they sit for a small amount of time on the bike. The dirt bike is the same in appearance as a motorcycle but has a difference in riding style. The rider has to ride the bike in a standing position most of the time because it leads to better control, and the limbs act as extra shock absorbers.

Apart from standing, the rider needs to align the body parts correctly. The head should be positioned over the handlebars, lean forward, keep the elbows out, and grip the gas tank with the knees. Keep the feet centred on the foot pegs so it will get easy for you to control the levers. Curve your back and engage your core, which helps turn and move the bike. Building your endurance will take a little time, but you will adopt the ideal riding position. 

  • Turning

Dirt bikes can take sharp turns, but beginners can’t do those jerks immediately. Scanning for bumps and grills is mandatory as you approach for turns. Experienced riders tackle the turns efficiently, but new riders must be cautious about getting near the turn, lean, and begin slowing down while transferring their weight to the front of the dirt bike. Doing this lets, you put more traction on the tire and efficiently handle it. 

  • Braking and Clutching

Be careful and avoid hitting the brake too hard. Otherwise, you will end up locking the brakes. Engage both brakes simultaneously so that there is a smooth reduction in your speed. Place two fingers over the clutch to suddenly make it easy for you to shift gears. Some prefer downshifting before a corner despite the brakes, reducing the wear and tear on the brakes.


Dirt bike is fun, and when you can ride fast, it’s even more than just fun. But learning to ride fast needs patience, time, and experience. You can be an expert rider in less time with proper techniques and indomitable will.

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