Summer Driving Tips for Your Car and Bike

   Jul 01,2024

Summer's finally here, and you have to bear the scorching heat that can be pretty brutal on both you and, of course, your vehicle. But do not fear! A little prep goes a really long way; you can enjoy just as smooth and safe a ride as possible all season long!


For Car Drivers

Air Conditioning Check-Up: With an air conditioning system in your car, it is very important for you to keep it in working condition and running properly to protect you from the heat.

Tire Care: Blistering hot roads can impact the pressure in your tires. Make a practice of checking your tire pressure regularly, especially before a long drive. Don't forget – properly inflated tires make your drive safer, and it's more fuel-efficient on top of that! And be sure to check those treads – bald tires can be downright hazardous in the heat.

Be prepared for everything: Have an emergency kit stowed away in your car that includes a flashlight, jumper cables, a first-aid kit, and some bottled water.

For Bikers

See Clearly, Ride Safely: Okay, foggy mornings and dusty afternoons might still make it hard to see. Get a visor anti fog for your helmet to ensure you actually see where you are riding about until the very end of your ride.

Dress for the Season: Goodbye, dark leather! It's time to ride in lighter-colored riding gear to reflect sunlight and stay cooler. Don't forget about the breathable materials to allow for some airflow.

Brake Check: Your brakes are your most valuable safety feature so have them checked, and make the necessary adjustments for any heat-related change in brake function.

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Bonus Tip: Hydration is Key!

It applies to both drivers of cars and bikers. During the summer, the heat is excessive; a person thus needs to keep himself hydrated, so it is better to take a water bottle inside the car while driving and drink at intervals to prevent themselves from getting dehydrated and sleepy.

Following these few simple tips will have your car and bike primed and ready to take on the summer heat in no time. Now, buckle up-or grab your helmet-and stay cool out there and have fun!

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