Adventurous Dirt Bike Rides in Mud

   Oct 29,2022

If you look forward to experiencing the enthralling ride in the mud, keep in mind, “don’t prepare like a normal sunny day riding.” Mud rides usually don’t occur during spring or winter but in fall, making it spot-on to discuss what should be done when riding in mud. While riding, you will feel like you are having a muddy ride in the shower as mud covers your bike and you. Therefore it is advised to prepare accordingly.


Get ready for Dirt bike: Some Tips

The bike can rapidly overheat an engine, so the bike needs defences to get through the trails intact.

  • Grease
  • Bike Part
  • Duct Tape
  • Tyres

Grease is an essential element of a bike; put it on sprockets, fenders, chains, clutch, and brake cables, leaving the seat and grips. It helps in keeping the mud from sticking all over. But if the mud is thick and you ride longer, you will add a lot of weight mud, which slows you down, and burns out the engine. To avoid this, add duct tape under the fenders and the inner side of the radiator shrouds. When mud adds up, pull the tape and rapidly release the mud.

Seat covers are of utmost importance as it keeps the rider on the bike. Nowadays, many options are available in the market that provide excellent grip. If you have a few years old seat cover, it is suggested to replace it with a new one. Try to have a better seat stick with a ribbed seat similar to FLU Designs.

Also, pay some attention to footpegs, they might have a sinister appearance, but you should sharpen them to have extra hold in slippery conditions. With the help of a mud scraper, rapidly remove piled-up mud on the bike in between Motos.

At last, mud tyres are required. Look for tyres with meaty lugs that provide extra grip and help fling off the mud.

Tips for Riders

  • Roll-off Goggles
  • Riding Gears

First and foremost crucial wear is goggles, tear-off goggles (at the very least), or roll-off style (better one). Some prefer to wear extra pair of goggles. There will be a thick spray of mud during the ride, so you will feel the need to clear away the mud that causes the hindrance in the vision. If you want to race in two Motos, always carry a spare change of gear along with you.

Mud accumulates the most in the centre of the track, so try to avoid riding in the centre. Be on the outer side and select your lines cautiously. Always look ahead and keep the throttle open. Try to keep your feet on sharpened pegs as much as possible, as it will help prevent boots from piling up mud.

Take away

Dirt Bike is fun but remembers that even when it is not raining, you will get dirty, muddy, and wet. Prepare yourself beforehand and enjoy the one-of-a-kind ride.

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