Safety tips while riding a bike on highway

   Jul 19,2023

Motorcycling on the highway is a vastly different experience than navigating through a bustling city. With high speeds on the highway alongside other fast-moving vehicles, you need to put on your safety gear. Also, beware of the obstacles. Despite these challenges, the open highway is adventurous with various opportunities to explore new horizons for a motorcyclist.


Tips for riding a bike safely on Highway

When it comes to motorcycle riding on the highway, both beginner and experienced riders must follow the safety tips, whether they are commuting to work or embarking on a journey. These include merging with traffic quickly, using turn signals, staying in the left lanes, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid potential road obstacles.

  1. Wear full-face helmet: Wearing a helmet is common sense for nearly everyone. For those that understand the true value of safety, a full-face helmet is the best option, as it gives full coverage and keeps bugs, dirt and other substances off your face.
  2. Beware of obstacles: Riding a motorcycle on the highway have different types of obstacles, making it crucial to stay alert at all times. While highway riding may sometimes be obstacle-free, sudden and unexpected obstacles, such as debris or objects on the roadway, can appear at any moment, requiring quick decision-making skills. It is important for riders to practice drills, such as emergency braking and swerving.
  3. Keep a distance: The 3 Second Rule is a helpful guideline for drivers to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of them on the highway. Motorcyclists should also maintain a minimum safe following distance of at least two seconds to stop or swerve if the vehicle ahead brakes suddenly. It is recommended that drivers stay at least four feet away from motorcycles while on the road.
  4. Be seen and heard: One of the often overlooked safety enhancements is the horn, which was developed to alert others of a dangerous situation. A loud horn that can be heard at a distance inside a car can be an effective way to improve safety while riding a motorcycle. Using a loud horn that is very audible to everyone on the road can make other drivers aware of your presence.
  5. Protection against the wind: While riding on a highway, have proper wind protection. Without adequate protection, the high-speed winds can exhaust your body, making it difficult to ride for extended periods of time. If your motorcycle lacks any wind protection, it is highly recommended that you install a detachable windshield.

Wrapping up

Riding a motorcycle on the highway can be exciting, but also has its own risks. By following these safety tips, you can ensure that you are well-protected and prepared for any obstacle that may come your way.

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