Quick Safety Tips for ATV Riding

   Oct 21,2022

If you are considering joining the most popular sport, be prepared that besides fun ATV is dangerous too. 

If you imagine it to be easy as driving a car, then let us remind you it's not. Whether you are a beginner or it's your first time in a month, make sure to go through all that you need to prepare for off-road riding. You are ready for a thrilling and safe ride with just a little preparation. 


Get acquainted with your ATV

Getting familiar with your quad will let your ride go smoother. Take time to know about the quad's width, height, approach angle, and departure angle. It will help you to navigate better on the trail without causing any harm to your vehicle; knowing where the engine computer and air intake are is also useful, which makes you aware of how deep of water you can drive through safely. It is advised to practice driving your ATV before hitting the trails. Practice makes you perfect at getting a good grasp of how your quad handles, how long it requires to brake and the turning radius.

Safety tips for ATV riding

We have listed a few safety tips for ATV riding

  • Wear Gear

It is mandatory to wear safety gear always, like goggles, boots, helmets, and gloves. Flipping over is very common in ATVs, and there is no seatbelt, so it's better to be prepared beforehand.

  • Don't ride alone

In accident-prone activities, it is advised not to ride alone. Always accompany with you a riding buddy. It's better to be prepared for the adverse condition beforehand, as there might be the situation of running out of gas, crashing, or getting lost, which is not fun but can prove to be life-threatening if you are alone.

  • No drinking and riding

Drinking is never safe while driving, be it a car or ATV. Alcohol takes a toll on your judgment skills and ability to ride safely. Never drink while riding because you will be at risk and affect others with your risky behaviour.

  • Inspection

Doing a pre-ride inspection every time is essential. You can check the tyre for any wear and tear and rims for damage, be sure over our controls and check cables and connections are intact. Inspect the chain for worn links and sprockets for broken teeth, and make sure there is sufficient lubrication.

  • Stop riding if you are tired

ATV riding is an excellent form of exercise that demands mental activity and strength. However, as you ride those bumps, tight corners and jumps wear down the toughest dudes. It is recommended to take a break when you feel exhausted. If you are riding for long, rehydrate and fuel yourself with some lunch. 

Final Thoughts

The above tips are obvious for a reason. Make safety your priority and follow the tips to ensure the safety of everyone. You are good to go if you are using the safety gear, riding on designated trails, and following all safety rules. Enjoy your ride.

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