Toyota Unveils the all-new Yaris Cross SUV

   May 22,2023

Toyota's new SUV is aimed squarely at the Hyundai Creta; it differs significantly from the Yaris Cross provided in Europe.
Toyota unveils its latest masterpiece, the all-new Yaris Cross SUV, set to make its grand entrance in the ASEAN markets. Previously showcased as the Urban Cruiser Icon, this distinct model, separate from the European variant, is ready to captivate Indonesia and other ASEAN regions with its unique charm and exceptional performance. Get ready for a new level of automotive excellence!


Toyota Yaris Cross SUV

Introducing the dynamic Toyota Yaris Cross, built on the versatile DNGA platform specifically tailored for the ASEAN markets. Derived from the renowned Toyota TNGA architecture, this cost-effective platform forms the foundation for a range of exceptional vehicles, including the Toyota Avanza MPV, the latest-generation Yaris sedan (the successor to the beloved Yaris in India), and the highly sought-after Toyota Raize SUV. Experience the seamless blend of innovation and performance that this shared platform brings to the road.

The Yaris Cross is 4,310mm in length, somewhat longer than the Creta. It has a wheelbase of 2,620mm, which is 10mm longer than the Creta.

Exterior of Toyota Yaris Cross SUV

Prepare to be captivated by the bold and distinctive design of the Yaris Cross SUV. Its exterior exudes a sense of freshness while maintaining a touch of familiarity. The upright nose, subtly angled towards the front, is complemented by sleek wraparound headlamps, reminiscent of the iconic E60 BMW 5-series. The tall bumpers has notable chin, highlighting the trapezoidal grille with gloss black finish. Adding to the charm are the vertically positioned fog lamp housings, completing the striking and eye-catching appeal of this remarkable SUV.

The style is straightforward in profile, with big, squarish wheel arches defined in contrast black cladding. The front and rear doors appear to be enormous, and there is a small quarter glass immediately in front of the sloped D-pillar rearward of the back door. To achieve that racing look, the roof is rather upright and tapers somewhat at the back.

The rear of the Yaris Cross is angular, with sharply placed horizontal taillamps and a flat-ish tailboard. The overall appearance of the Yaris Cross, particularly from the back, is similar to that of the larger Corolla Cross SUV offered worldwide.

Powertrain options of Toyota Yaris Cross SUV

The first option is the robust 2NR-VE 1.5-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine, generating a spirited 104hp and 138Nm of torque. For those seeking a greener alternative, there's the petrol-hybrid 2NR-VEX engine. This eco-friendly powertrain combines the efficiency of a petrol engine with the assistance of an electric motor, delivering an impressive 80hp and 141Nm from the engine, and an additional 90hp and 121Nm from the electric motor. 

Toyota Yaris Cross SUV: Expected Launch in India

Toyota's strategic collaboration with Suzuki is paving the way for a new era of made-in-India vehicles. This alliance holds great significance for the production and export of cars, SUVs, and MPVs. While the remarkable Yaris Cross SUV shares several traits with Toyota and Daihatsu models available in Indonesia and other ASEAN regions, it differentiates itself significantly from the Toyota SUVs found in India. As a result, its introduction to the Indian market is not anticipated. Nonetheless, this partnership fuels the anticipation for exciting possibilities in the automotive industry. Moreover, Toyota India is dealing with increased demand for the Innova Hycross and the resurrected Innova Crysta. 

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