MotoGP Bharat's Debut at Buddh International Circuit

   Aug 10,2023

India will shortly make its debut on the MotoGP schedule. The F1 Indian GP was the last major international racing event held at the Buddh International Circuit in 2013, and it represents the culmination of years of work to bring top-level racing back to the venue.


The circuit has considered hosting a significant two-wheeler series before. Midway through the 2010s, there were intentions to hold a World Superbike Championship event, but those were abandoned following numerous postponements. However, sincere efforts are being made by all parties to make the India MotoGP race a success.

Carlos Ezpeleta, managing director of Dorna Sports, said it was "no-brainer" for MotoGP to visit this location considering that India is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world. Additionally, the Uttar Pradesh government is strongly encouraging the event's smooth execution. Government officials have stated that the Grand Prix will significantly boost the local economy and solidly establish India as a racing powerhouse.

Track of MotoGP Bharat

The BIC was currently awaiting homologation from the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), as it was first constructed for F1 racing. According to Sandill, the governing body has already finished its initial reconnaissance, and development on the course is being done in response to suggestions from the FIM.

The circuit's general layout won't change much overall, save for minor track resurfacing and work on the run-off sections. But there will be some adjustments, such as turning Turn 13 into a double apex corner to slow down the bikes. To make place for extra run-off areas and gravel sections, some fencing sections are being pushed back. Additionally, the barriers are being updated to the most recent international standard.

Early bird tickets were offered for a short period of time, with some going for as little as Rs 800. To put this into perspective, F1 tickets at the same stadium ranged in price from Rs 2,000 to Rs 21,000 in 2013.

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