Mahindra Thar introducing Thar.e Design

   Aug 22,2023

The Thar EV concept was recently teased by Mahindra. This is important for two reasons: first, the modern design enables Mahindra to safeguard the Thar brand's viability and maintain its relevance; second, and just as crucially, Mahindra will now be able to export its off roader to other regions of the world without having to worry about certain markets' legislators squinting their eyes and seeing something else.


Mahindra Thar.e New Look

Even though the new Thar.e is only partially visible in teaser photographs, there is much more to be seen if you look closely. Your focus is initially pulled to the square headlight in the frame's upper right corner. The low-angle image shows a rectangular black grille to its left with the letters "THAR.e" spray-painted across it; take note that the letters for THAR are now in a new, "modern" typeface. A portion of a black bumper is also clearly visible sticking out lower on the vehicle. Unsure of the extent to which pedestrian safety has been addressed.

It is not difficult to picture the face of the new Thar.e once you see the headlamp, grille, and bumper combined. The Thar.e is a clean departure, with nothing appearing to have been carried over, in contrast to the present Thar, which still has an upright grille and pop-out fenders. It also stands out because the skinning is spotless and the surface is made up of "flat" panels with clearly defined edges, giving it a youthful but approachable appearance not too unlike from the Honda E. The Thar.e has flat sections as opposed to the Honda's circular design.

Mahindra Thar.e Details

There are many fascinating features throughout The Thar.e. The portion between the bonnet and fender (top right) adds muscle, the square and sectioned LED headlight has been given some visual depth, and the Thar.e even has some sort of hook or towing eye in red. One thing is for certain: Mahindra's designers deserve praise for achieving the difficult-to-achieve simplicity the design radiates. Despite obviously giving off a high-tech vibe, the design even manages to offer some rustic appeal.

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