Hyundai Charges Ahead with Creta EV Production Set for Late 2024

   May 01,2024

Cheers to electric vehicle enthusiasts! Hyundai has officially announced that the production for its most-awaited Creta EV will begin later this year at its Chennai plant. And here's the best part – the Creta EV will be seen on Indian roads before its biggest rival, the Maruti Suzuki eVX.


Leading the Charge

Hyundai is reportedly planning to launch the Creta EV in 2025, much before Maruti Suzuki is likely to bring the eVX off the production line, which is said to be delayed from September 2024 to a tentative February 2025.

What to Expect Under the Hood

Ahead of time, sources had earlier indicated that the Creta EV was most likely going to carry a 45kWh battery pack, a limited capacity compared with the MG ZS EV (50.3kWh), and what could be packaged in the upcoming Maruti eVX (48-60kWh). The same sources indicate that the Creta EV could carry the same electric motor – the base version of the new-gen Kona EV available internationally. This front-mounted motor, which is expected to create around 138 horsepower and 255 Nm of torque. There were also recent spy shots that indicate a nose-mounted charging port, just like that of the Kona Electric.

Design Tweaks and Tech Upgrades

The overall design of the Creta EV would be similar to that of its gasoline sibling, but some of the aspects of the car would be different. The design would feature a closed-off grille, redesigned bumpers, and aerodynamically optimized alloy wheels. On the inside, one can expect a change with a new three-spoke steering wheel, and a re-redesigned center console. The infotainment and instrument cluster of the car, the twin-screen setup, is likely to be retained but with a few added features. Hyundai's Level 2 advanced driver-assistance systems suite might also make its way into the Creta EV.

Competition and Future Plans

The Creta EV will face competition from the established players, such as the MG ZS EV and the upcoming Tata Curvv EV. Amidst a bid to strengthen EV offerings in India, Hyundai recently announced a partnership with Exide Industries for local production of battery cells and packs. The collaboration aims to add a boost to local value addition and most probably ensure prices that are more competitive in this electric vehicle space.

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Looking to the future, reports suggest that the Creta EV will be followed by yet another local mass-market compact EV from Hyundai, that is likely to be launched sometime in 2026. Details about the second home-grown EV remain tight-lipped, but it is very clear that Hyundai is increasing its efforts in the electric vehicle space. The company is also looking at the possibility of hybrid vehicle launches in the future, which further builds their commitment towards providing a wider range of eco-friendly mobility solutions in India.

The production of the upcoming Creta EV and a possible launch in the near future build an exciting perspective for the EV aspirations of Hyundai in India. With the familiar design, feature-rich interior, and competitive pricing strategy, the Creta EV will definitely have the potential to be a game-changer in the rapidly growing electric SUV segment.

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