Mountain Goat Winter Expedition 2023

   Mar 01,2023

Suraj Tayal and Shashwat Gupta founded Mountain Goat Expeditions in 2015 after leaving behind prosperous occupations in foreign locations to explore the dusty off-roads of the Himalayas. Suraj, a tourism management graduate from Auckland University in New Zealand, dreams of finding the Himalayas' hidden trails.


To make this idea a reality, he sought the assistance of his buddy Shashwat, who had a Master's degree in Marketing from Cardiff University in the UK and expertise as an internal strategist. Suraj and Shashwat enjoy adventure sports and have participated in rallies such as Raid de Mountains and Desert Storm. They started Mountain Goat Expeditions with just two cars. Still, thanks to their zeal and ambition to do something no one had done before, the company swiftly grew in popularity and became the first expedition to explore Spiti's valleys.

Mountain Goat Expeditions' mission is to "Discover the Unexplored" by seeking new routes and difficulties to push their boundaries and set new records on each voyage. The ISUZU Discoveries Hidden Heritage excursion in Garli in November 2018 and the ISUZU Discoveries Hidden Ladakh adventure in 2019 are two examples of this. In addition, the business has led trips to hazardous locations such as Leh-Ladakh, Spiti, and the North East. Each year, their main activities are the Mountain Goat Winter Expedition in February and the Isuzu Discoveries Winter Trail Spiti in March. Mountain Goat Expeditions aspires to improve with each expedition, adapting to and learning from each experience.

Mountain Goat Expeditions places a high value on safety. Before beginning an excursion, participants must complete orientation and basic training. Throughout the event, a medical staff is on hand, and helicopter evacuation is accessible if necessary. The organization also aims to introduce participants to local cultures and companies. Mountain Goat Expeditions is committed to offering a one-of-a-kind and professional adventure experience while simultaneously encouraging environmental sustainability.

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