Tips to Maintain & Increase Durability of Tyres

   Aug 24,2022

Proper maintenance of your tyres is equally important to maintaining your car. Ineffective tyre care can result in problems ranging from excessive damage to premature failure, and buying a new set of tyres can be costly. Here in the articles further you will get to know the tips to get the most from your tyres and identify any issues. 


5 tips to maintain and increase the shelf life of tyres

  • Maintain the tyre pressure

The crucial thing in maintaining the tyres is to check and maintain the correct pressure. Tyres tend to lose air pressure with continuous driving and hence there is a need to refill it monthly. Pressure in all the four tyres should be checked fortnightly. Morning is considered the best time to check tyre pressure when the air is cold. If you fill your tyre with nitrogen, you need to get it checked only once in two months.

  • Rotate Tyres

Rotation of the tyres reduces uneven tyre wear. Rotating regularly saves you money by enhancing the life of tyres and gives you a smooth and safe ride. The front tyres are more prone to wear and tear in comparison to the rear ones. The rotating technique is different for directional and non-directional tyres. 

  • Check Treads

Get familiar with the tread on the new tyres, so that you can easily notice any wear and tear if it occurs. If the treads are worn at the edges, it signifies an under-inflated tyre and worn threads in the centre denote overinflation. Worn-out tyres are vulnerable to punctures and blowouts. A new tyre now has the limit mark that shows it is completely worn out and when it needs a replacement. 

  • Keep it aligned and balanced

Wheel alignment is related to a suspension that affects the tyres. With time the alignment of the car gets uneven because of driving on rough roads, potholes, etc. Aligning the tyres is important to make them stay parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. In-wheel balancing, the tyre loses weight and becomes uneven from the sides, which causes wear and tear. But, by adding little weight you can ensure a long life for tyres.

  • Avoid sudden braking

Avoid excessive and sudden breaking to enhance the longevity of tyres. Sudden acceleration also contributes to wear and tear.

When to replace Tyres?

Even after following the tips, there is still a need to replace the tyres after the treads wear out. With time, the rubber hardens and results in overheating and blowouts, which makes it unsafe to use these tyres and is life-threatening at high speeds. Consider replacing the tyres after 40,000 km or a maximum of 6 years of use. 

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