Group Motorcycle Riding: Prepare well and Follow Safety Tips

   Jul 27,2022

Motorbike riding is an exhilarating experience in itself and imagines riding with your close friends and family in a group. Riding with loved ones and enjoying the scenery on the open roads and arriving safely to your destination is an ultimate experience and achieve this through some of the safety guidelines narrated in this article.


Preparation Tips before Starting Group Motorcycle Riding

Are you ready for a motorcycle group riding adventure with your friends or family, consider the following safety guidelines:

  • Preparation before starting the ride:

Conduct a meeting to decide about travel, how to get to the final destination, group leader, and route to follow. The leader should be aware of the destination route, and directions on a map, and should be able to explain it to group members. Each member should be provided with directions or a map of the route in case anyone gets separated. 

  • The Leader

A leader must be the most experienced rider in the group. The leader will first encounter traffic and guide others safely through any situation that comes across on their journey. Besides the leader, the last member of the group also needs to be more experienced because they may get separated due to traffic conditions, and also they can help others in the group to catch up safely.

  • Decide on the number of members

Group riders should be five to seven as a larger group than this easily bunch up on road and create an obstacle for them. For experienced riders, 7 are good to go but for inexperienced ones, 5 members are enough. If in case there are more members, try to break the group into a sub-group saving leader and experienced the last rider in each sub-group.

  • Be Prepared

Safety is a prime concern; carry a first-aid kit and a tool kit along with you. It is advisable to know first-aid, CPR, to treat the basic medical condition if occurs at any time. 

Safety Tips for Group Motorcycle Riding

  • Ride in staggered form

There will be straight and curvy road sections. In the straight section, the leader should ride in the left third of the riding lane. This will provide the ability to see traffic ahead of the group and to look for coming traffic or debris ahead on the road. The second member should ride one second behind the leader in the right third of the lane. Likewise, the third rider must ride in the left third of the lane one second behind the second rider. The following riders must follow the pattern and staggered completely. 

On a curvy road, the riders should ride in a single-file line roughly 2 seconds apart. Side-by-side riding should be avoided.

  • Overtaking

In case you need to overtake a vehicle, do so with one bike at a time. The leader should go first, the rest of the riders while overtaking need to position themselves in the lane as they were travelling before overtaking. If few riders made a pass, the remaining members should adjust their position until the next passing opportunity. 

  • On being separated

It happens occasionally due to heavy traffic or traffic lights. But do not panic, as you have discussed the route to follow before starting your journey. Continue as discussed, The lead rider in the subgroup continues on the same course and slows down as needed for the other rider to rejoin. 

  • Hand signals

It is mandatory to know the basic hand signals while group riding. Signal communication during riding keeps you all in sync. Ensure that all riders know the signals and their meanings.


Group riding is indeed an adventure and with safety in mind and following safety guidelines will make this trip enjoyable and memorable. 

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