Get Up to Rs 1.82 Lakh Off on Mahindra XUV300 Before the New Model Arrives

   Feb 14,2024

As Mahindra gets ready to bring out a new version of the XUV300, dealers are eager to sell off the current models quickly. They are offering big savings on the XUV300 models from 2023 and 2024. These deals include cash back, trade-in bonuses, discounts for companies, free accessories, and longer warranties. The XUV400 EV, which hasn't been selling as quickly, also has big discounts, especially for the 2023 models.


Deals on Mahindra XUV300 in February 2024

The Mahindra XUV300, which competes with cars like the Kia Sonet and Tata Nexon, has discounts up to Rs 1.82 lakh this month. This is Rs 10,000 more than in December 2023. The best deals are on the diesel XUV300 in the top-spec W8 version, but even the 2024 models have significant savings. Different versions of the car have different savings, with discounts ranging from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1.75 lakh, depending on the model and engine type. The XUV300 comes with a choice of three engines, and the upcoming facelifted model will introduce a new automatic gearbox option for one of the engines.

February 2024 Savings for Mahindra XUV400

The discounts on the XUV400 EV are even bigger, with savings up to Rs 4.4 lakh on some 2023 models. This is more than the year-end deals. The 2024 XUV400 models have smaller discounts. The XUV400 EV, which was just updated, offers different battery sizes and charger options, with prices ranging from Rs 15.49 lakh to Rs 17.49 lakh in India.

These deals are a great opportunity for buyers looking for a new car, offering significant savings on both the XUV300 and XUV400 EV models before the new versions arrive.

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