When to change Oil Filter

   Dec 27,2023

Every car is a bit different, you can find the exact recommendation in your car's manual. How you drive also matters. If you do a lot of city driving or short trips, you might need to change your oil and filter more often than someone who drives mostly on highways. Things like towing, extreme temperatures, or driving in mountains can also mean you need to change your oil and filter more often. The key is to change the filter before it gets too dirty and harms your engine. Using a good quality filter helps your engine last longer.


Function of Oil Filter

The oil filter in your car is like a superhero for your engine. Its job is to catch all the bad stuff, like dirt and carbon, from the engine oil. Imagine it as a shield that stops these harmful things before they can reach and hurt the inside of your engine. If these bad things get in, they can make your engine wear out faster and even cause damage. So, the oil filter acts like a protector, making sure only clean and safe oil flows through your engine, keeping everything running smoothly.


When to change oil filter

If you ignore changing your oil filter for too long, it can impact how well your engine works, how efficient it is, and how long it lasts. Here are five signs that your vehicle might show if the oil filter is clogged:

  • Strange metallic sounds from your engine
  • Black and dirty exhaust
  • Your car might smell like burning oil
  • Sputtering while driving
  • A drop in oil pressure


What is involved in an oil change?

When you get your car serviced, whether it's at a shop, dealership, or if you're doing it yourself, you need to change both the oil filter and the engine oil. Even if the filter seems okay, you can't just put new oil in and leave the old filter. It won't work well because the new oil will get dirty as soon as it goes through the old filter. So, a regular oil change isn't just about changing the oil; it's about changing both the oil and the filter.

Wrapping up

Knowing when to change your oil filter is crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your engine. Regular maintenance, including timely oil and filter changes, is key to a healthier and longer-lasting engine. So, pay attention to your vehicle's needs, and it will reward you with reliable performance on the road.

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