Triumph Tiger 1200 Adventure Bike launched with exciting feature

   Aug 28,2023

For the Tiger 1200 adventure bike, Triumph has added a new Active Preload Reduction technology that it claims may lower the seat height by as much as 20mm at low speeds for better handling. There is no disputing that riding a huge adventure motorcycle has a special set of difficulties. They have a lot of suspension travel and ground clearance so they can handle difficult terrain, but it also means the seat heights are often higher. Triumph has introduced the new Active Preload Reduction technology for their top ADV; the Tiger 1200, to assist allay that worry.


The new mechanism lowers the shock's preload setting while the bike is stopped or moving slowly, which lowers the seat and makes it simpler to put your feet down. The bike already has a semi-active electronic Showa monoshock. According to Triumph, the motorbike is easier to balance and maneuver at low speeds because of the reduced centre of gravity.

The basic seat height can be changed between 850mm and 870mm on the GT variant line (GT, GT Pro, and GT Explorer), and between 875mm and 895mm on the Rally version line. The least feasible seat heights for the two variant lines are 830mm and 855mm.

The extent of the seat's descent is contingent on the collective weight of the rider, passenger, and any loaded baggage. The maximum reduction achievable is 20mm. In a similar vein, the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 incorporates a feature known as ARH (Adaptive Ride Height), which also diminishes preload and seat elevation when stationary. Notably, the Harley system functions automatically, whereas the Tiger seems to mandate the rider to press the 'Home' button on the left-hand switch cluster for a duration of one second to initiate seat lowering.

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