Bajaj Gears Up for Domination: More 400cc Bikes Coming to India

   May 10,2024

Bajaj Auto, the famous Indian motorcycle manufacturer, is gearing up for a big expansion in the 400cc segment. After recently introducing the Pulsar NS400Z, their first 400cc Pulsar, Bajaj has hinted at a bunch of new offerings in this category.


Bajaj Bullish on 400cc Segment: Big Profits and Growth Potential

Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, is super excited about the potential of the 400cc segment. He thinks it's the most profitable and attractive motorcycle segment in the world. According to him, "I believe this is where the money's at!"

Market Share and Room for Growth: Bajaj Confidently Expanding

Bajaj, together with brands like KTM, Husqvarna, and Triumph, is already selling a good number of 400cc bikes in India, around 25,000-30,000 units per month. But they see plenty of room for even more growth. Bajaj admits, "We're doing well, but we're not dominating 80 percent of the market." So, they're pretty confident they can increase their market share without too much competition from within.

Distinct Offerings: Pulsar NS400Z vs Dominar 400

The recently launched Pulsar NS400Z is aimed at a different crowd compared to the existing Dominar 400. The NS400Z is all about hitting the streets, while the Dominar 400 is more of a sporty touring bike. This smart strategy allows Bajaj to cater to different tastes within the 400cc segment.         

Revamping the Dominar: Taking it to the Next Level

Bajaj has also dropped hints about giving the Dominar brand a major makeover. Rakesh Sharma, the Executive Director at Bajaj Auto, said, "We've got big plans to revamp and upgrade the Dominar and take it to a whole new level." So, get ready for some exciting changes and improvements in the Dominar line.

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The Growing Non-Classic Segment: Bajaj Seizes the Opportunity

The Indian motorcycle market is shifting gears. While the classic segment, led by Royal Enfield, is experiencing slower growth, the non-classic segment, including sports, touring, and adventure bikes, is booming at a rate of 13-14%. The new Pulsar NS400Z and the upcoming updates to the Dominar fit perfectly into this high-growth category, positioning Bajaj for some serious success.

Bajaj's ambitious plans to expand in the 400cc segment demonstrate their deep understanding of the changing Indian motorcycle market. By offering distinct choices, catering to different customer preferences, and capitalizing on the thriving non-classic segment, Bajaj is on track to solidify its position as a top motorcycle manufacturer in India.

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