Jan 30,2023

Purchasing a new bike is an exciting moment for bikers. To retain the possessions like a new one is their desire. Proper maintenance of your bike, or any automotive for that matter, can result in a longer vehicle life as well as dramatically lower operating costs throughout the course of your ownership of the bike.


Five useful Motorbike Maintenance Tips:

Here are five useful Bike Maintenance Tips to keep your bike looking and feeling like new for a long time:

Engine oil:

It lubricates your gears and engines. If you fail to change the engine oil will cause engine harm. The owner's manual will tell you how often you should replace your oil, and you should stick to that timetable.

  • Carbon deposits thicken the oil, causing drag in engine movement.
  • Avoid using filthy oil on your motorcycle. It will increase fuel consumption and dramatically shorten engine life.

Tyre conditions:

Change the tyres when you notice a change in the way the bike handles, or at the very least when the tread is worn down to the wear bars, as specified by local legislation. Tyres that are underinflated will overheat and perhaps fail. Overinflated tyres provide less-than-ideal traction.

  • Check tyre pressure before and after each excursion. Establish a weekly checking schedule.
  • If there is a rapid pressure drop, replace the tyres. Replace the tyre when there is roughly 1.59mm (2/32" or 0.063 inches) of tread remaining all around. Don't wait until your tyres get flat.
  • Always replace tyres in pairs. Both tyres are subjected to the same loads and demands of road riding.


Adjust the clutch in the right manner. 

  • Don't over-tighten your clutch; an over-tightened clutch may cause it to slip without your knowledge. It also results in increased fuel usage.
  • Check that you have the proper clutch adjustments in place.

Air Filter:

Always keep the air filter clean, as the dusty conditions will clog it up. 

  • Replace the air filter at the prescribed intervals; increase the cleaning frequency in dusty situations.

Transmission system:

If your bike chain is not maintained, it may be harmed by excessive heat and may eventually wear out. The accumulated wear on all of the individual links causes the chain to become loose and more likely to fall off the sprockets. This is quite risky.

  • Regular lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment are required.
  • Use paraffin, a soft brush and a piece of cloth to clean the chain. Avoid using water as it can corrode the chain links.
  • Once the dirt has been thoroughly removed, wipe the chain with a clean, dry towel.
  • Lubricate the chain links and chain with old motor oil.
  • Check that your bike's chain has adequate tension and free play. Any variation will not smoothly power the rear wheel.


Grease the steering head bearings regularly, look after the spark plugs, lubricate the control cables, and adjust the drum brakes as necessary. Taking care of your motorbike will keep it looking new for a long time. Enjoy the longevity of your motorbike by following these simple maintenance guidelines. 

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