New Important F1 Racing Rules of 2022

   Sep 30,2022

If you are not aware of the F1 rules and still follow the race, it doesn’t sound good. But here you have landed on the correct page to become an F1 expert. The new F1 rules are introduced not only to improve the racing spectacles but also to make this sport fair and sustainable. 


5 Important Rules of F1 Racing in 2022


From 1st March 2022, the engine suppliers cannot make any changes to the turbo and internal combustion engine for 4 years. The development of engines is largely fixed. The deadline for some electrical components is September 1st.

  • F1 TYRES

New Formula1 tyres are set to give an enhanced look to F1 cars in this season. 13 inches tyre is replaced with new 18 inches tyres. It will provide less overheating and more grip making it easy to overtake. 

While in the garage, the team use to heat the tyres using blankets but the new tyre rule is related to the tyre blanket. Earlier, front tyres were heated to 100 degrees, but from 2022 it will become 70 degrees. Also, rear tyres will be maximum of 70 degrees.


Formula 1 is among the most expensive sport. In 2021 budget cap was introduced as some teams only have $130 million to spend while others like Red Bull Racing can spend up to $400 million. Formula 1 has been working with a budget ceiling to give equal opportunities to the team on the track. A budget of $145 million has been agreed on for the 2022 F1 season. 


This season is set to make history as the smaller teams will get a chance to catch up. The system is the lower a team is in the rankings, it can spend more time in the wind tunnel and on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). If the team has high rankings, it will get less time to test new aerodynamics. 


The updated version of sporting regulations has been published by FIA with a series of revisions. If the message “Lapped Cars May Now Overtake” has been sent to the drivers via the official message system, all cars that are lapped, or that are a lap behind, will overtake the cars including the safety car, and then rejoin back of the grid by finishing full lap. Following this, all drivers will drive in the correct order.


Now you have upgraded yourself with the new Formula 1 racing rules, you can understand better that it is to make the sport fair and also improve the racing spectacle.

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