Lexus LF-ZL SUV Concept Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

   Oct 31,2023

The Lexus LF-ZL concept teases a future premium electric flagship SUV meant to provide a personalized driving experience through cutting-edge hardware and software. It joins a lineage of recent concept automobiles under the LF (Lexus Future) name.


Design of Lexus LF-ZL

While the LF-ZL draws some design cues from the existing RZ electric SUV, it represents a fresh and distinctive brand identity. Notably, it features a redesigned grille and adopts the sleek profile of an SUV with an extended front hood and a spacious, rounded cabin that culminates in a short rear.

Measuring 5,300mm in length, it surpasses the dimensions of even Lexus' new luxury MPV, the LM. The concept boasts substantial width at 2,200mm, stands at a height of 1,700mm, and offers a generous wheelbase of 3,350mm to optimize interior room.

Sharing its platform with the LF-ZC and Toyota concepts unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the LF-ZL is built on Toyota's next-gen modular electric architecture, offering versatility in vehicle size, design, and powertrain configurations.

Features of Lexus LF-ZL

The interior of the concept embraces a futuristic aesthetic and can be entered through expansive front and rear doors designed to swing out and slide back seamlessly. The cabin's front section showcases a driver-centric dashboard, complete with a steering yoke, suggesting the implementation of Lexus's steer-by-wire system. Additionally, two digital control panels flank the central dashboard, enhancing the high-tech experience.

The concept incorporates a dual-panel control setup. The left panel is dedicated to managing vital car systems, including drive modes and driver assistance features, while the right panel governs infotainment, ventilation, and other functions.

Moving to the rear, the two seats seamlessly integrate into the car's structure, resembling luxurious "business class-style" reclining lounge chairs with extendable leg rests.

To enhance the user experience, the concept heavily relies on a cutting-edge voice recognition system, empowered by AI.

Battery, range and powertrain of Lexus LF-ZL

There is advanced prismatic battery cells, paired with enhanced energy efficiency, aimed at delivering roughly double the range of a typical BEV. This indicates an estimated range of approximately 960km for the LF-ZL. Lexus further affirmed that the smaller LF-ZC, in its production version, will provide a range of 1,000km, with options for variants offering shorter ranges also in the pipeline.

Lexus asserts that its upcoming Arene OS software, slated for integration into future vehicles, will wield a significant influence on driving dynamics. It will empower the car to replicate the characteristics, sounds, and vibrations of various vehicle types, catering to the driver's preferences. This feature can potentially be complemented by Lexus's in-development 'manual' EV transmission.

Additionally, the LF-ZL will employ onboard sensors to support a system known as Interactive Reality in Motion. By tapping into digital data from the car's surroundings, this technology enables drivers to point to points of interest during their journey. In response, the car's display and voice guidance will provide relevant information about those locations.

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