Honda Unveiled Mini Electric Scooter “Motocompacto”

   Sep 21,2023

Honda has introduced an innovative last-mile mobility solution with their latest creation, the Motocompacto – a mini electric scooter. This compact scooter is ingeniously designed to fold into a suitcase-like shape, but when unfolded, it reveals a comfortable seat, handlebars, foot pegs, and even features a side-stand, along with front and rear lighting for added convenience.


The Motocompacto is driven by a 490-watt, 16Nm electric motor, providing a top speed of 24kph. Its power source is a 6.8Ah battery pack, boasting a respectable 19km range. Recharging the battery is a breeze, taking only 3.5 hours to reach a full charge using the onboard charger connected to a 15-amp outlet. This makes the Motocompacto an incredibly convenient and efficient mode of transportation.

Although it's not the lightest option available, the Motocompacto's weight of 19kg should still make it relatively manageable for transportation. Honda's marketing materials show it being stored in the trunk of the car, indicating that this is probably the most practical way to move the Motocompacto when it's not in use.

In fact, this nifty gadget takes its inspiration from the original Honda Motocompo, a mini-scooter that was propelled by a 49cc two-stroke engine and ingeniously designed to fit snugly in the trunk of the 1981 Honda City hatchback. This contemporary all-electric version has been meticulously crafted by Honda engineers in the United States, and its development has resulted in the granting of 32 patents. Currently available in the United States, it comes with a price tag of $995 (approximately Rs 82,000). So, while it retains its compact and quirky charm, it's certainly not an inexpensive option.

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