Honda TEN10 Racing wins their first ever Motorcycle Endurance Race at MMRT

   Apr 12,2022

Honda Ten10 Racing won the first-ever AVT Gold Cup Million Motorcycle Endurance Race, held at the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT)


The race was held on February 24 and 25, 2018, in four categories - 4-Stroke Stock up to 165cc, 4-Stroke Pro Stock up to 165cc, 4-Stroke Prock 300-400cc, and Honda CBR250R. 

With this, Honda 2Wheelers India has introduced competitive endurance racing in the country. The races lasted 90 minutes each. Honda Ten10 Racing was the overall winner, and also won the top spot in two of the four categories - 4-Stroke Pro Stock up to 165cc and Honda CBR250R. Overall winners S Mathana Kumar and B Aravind from Honda Ten10 Racing were additionally awarded Rs 50,000 each.

A Brief about Endurance Racing:

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing, meant to test the durability and endurance of both the equipment and the rider. The race, in this case, was 90 minutes long, where all classes were on the grid at the same time racing together. While each team has two riders, only one rider will be racing at a time. The second rider will replace the first as per the team's strategy. Each rider entering the track during the race has to complete a minimum of 20 minutes before changing over to the other rider. The maximum time that a rider can ride continuously is 45 minutes.

Honda CBR250R category winners:

  1. S Mathana Kumar and B Aravind
  2. Kishor VS and Anthony Peter
  3. Senthil Kumar C and AS Alexander

4-Stroke Pro Stock up to 165cc category winners:

  1. Yasha RL and K Kannan
  2. A Amala Jerald and C Rajkumar
  3. Sarath Kumar and PK Mithun


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