HELLA Pagid Racing One returns with New Ferrari 296 GT3 in SP9 Pro/Am

   Sep 22,2023

In the thrilling world of motorsports, the name "HELLA Pagid- Racing One" has long been synonymous with reliance, trust, and performance. And now, they're back in the SP9 Pro/Am class, ready to set the track on fire with their latest addition: the formidable Ferrari 296 GT3.


The anticipation is palpable as “HELLA Pagid-Racing One”, a team known for its racing prowess, makes a triumphant return to the SP9 Pro/Am category. With the unveiling of the stunning Ferrari 296 GT3, the team's ambitions have hit a new high, promising an exhilarating season ahead.

The SP9 Pro/Am class is known for its fierce competition, and everyone is gearing up to make their presence felt. What sets “HELLA Pagid- Racing One” apart isn't just their commitment to excellence on the track but also their unwavering dedication to teamwork and sportsmanship. The SP9 Pro/Am class demands both skill and strategy, and the team have experienced drivers and expert crew.

With a combination of passion, experience, and the stunning Ferrari 296 GT3, “HELLA Pagid -Racing One” is ready to make their mark once again in the world of motorsports.

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