Have a safe motorcycle ride in winter

   Oct 29,2022

Winters are around the corner, be mentally prepared before you set your two wheels on the ground. Freezing wind during winter is not favourable to you and your bike. Cold temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia in bike tyres. 


Regular winter riders know that a little common sense and a light touch to riding helps in carrying safely through the worst of weather. But this blog is worth reading to a novice as it will provide essential tips to ride safely during winter.

Tips for motorcycle riding in winter:

  • Gear up for the winter

Cold wind will have a significant impact on your body and bike. It’s preferable to be prepared mentally for riding during winter months. Cold wind can lead to muscle and joint pains, making it harder for you to control your bike. Layering up in proper gear is essential to avoid the effects of cold air. It is advised to have multiple layers to stay warm. Have a base layer of a thermal shirt, a mid-layer of the insulated jacket, and an outer layer of a thick coat. Put on suitable winter gloves and boots with wool socks.

A neck warmer is of utmost importance. A tightly sealed helmet having a fog-free face shield is mandatory. Simply layering up keeps you warm, protects your core from direct wind, and makes you drive comfortably.

  • Warm up your tyres

Cold weather results in cold tyres that cause limited traction, so checking them and getting them heated beforehand is advised. There is a different technique that is used by bikers to warm the tyres. Riding increases the heat in tyres but a little stop quickly cools them and results in a lack of traction. To avoid this issue, accelerate and decelerate rapidly for a bit. Check tyre pressure before every ride, as it is crucial in winter when traction is required.

  • Hazard Lights

Thick fog in winter decreases visibility to 10 meters. It is advised to wait until the fog lifts, but if waiting is not an option, then take the help of headlights or fog lamps in addition to hazard lights to make sure that you are visible to other drivers from afar. 

  • Increase visibility and follow the distance

Increase visibility and space while riding in winter. By increasing visibility, we mean looking further down the road so that you can recognize the problem before its occurrence and lets you react in advance to a potential threat. As long as the distance is concerned, maintain a sufficient space ahead of you; maintain a considerable distance if you are riding fast.

  • Ride in a group

You might have a habit of riding with your friends during summer, as it is an incredible experience to hit the road with a bunch of buddies in summer. Experience the same in winter months too. A sense of friendship gives a sense of safety as you have your friends around you.


Wintertime can be risky for bike riders. The wet pavements, cold temperatures, and potential snowfall can lead to significant issues if you are not careful enough.

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