Formula E Charger Of ABB, Charges Two Vehicles In One Go

   Nov 22,2022

When charging two vehicles, the charger can generate a maximum of 80kW per outlet or 160kW from a single outlet.


For Formula E, ABB has revealed a brand-new portable rapid charger. Since 2018, the Swiss technology giant has served as Formula E's title partner. Starting this year, it will also serve as the official charging supplier.

Notably, teams will be able to charge two cars at once, thanks to the new charger. Therefore, they won't require one unit for each car.

ABB's new Formula E charger

According to ABB, the charger was created as a "compact, dependable, and safe option" for charging the newest Gen3 vehicles. When charging two vehicles, each charger has a 160kW maximum output from a single outlet or 80kW per outlet.

This will lessen the impact of the charger and transportation emissions because there won't be a need for one unit per car, in keeping with Formula E's sustainability goals.

This is allegedly the world's quickest smartphone charger, according to ABB. Additionally; it has integrated LED lights that show the automobile's current status of the charge.

ABB E-CEO, mobility's Frank Mühlon, stated that the organization would use Formula E as a test track to improve its consumer charging technology. "Charging the Gen3 vehicles will provide us with useful testing data on charging in a quick-paced, competitive setting. We will keep improving ABB chargers for customer and consumer usage with the expertise and information we gather, he added.

Delays in rapid charging pit stops in Formula E's third generation represent a significant change. Modern automobiles are lighter, quicker, more powerful, and more efficient. The 250kW front motor and 350kW rear motor combine to create the first-ever formula vehicle with a front and back engine. This increases the regeneration potential with a combined 600kW.

Fast-charging pit stops were supposed to be introduced by Formula E at first. Pit stops, however, don't appear likely to be used in 2019. The new Gen3 sports regulations are yet to be made public, but according to ABB's statement, the new chargers would refuel racing vehicles "before the race and between sessions." this delay is confirmed.

In January 2023, the Mexico City E-Prix serves as the season 9 debut. The Hyderabad E-Prix, which is set for February 11, will be the first-ever Formula E race in India.

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