FMSCI working on increasing female participation in motorsport

   Apr 12,2022

FMSCI has pledged support to boost female participation in Indian racing and rallying championships


Acknowledging that a limited number of women take up motorsport as a profession - whether as a racer or otherwise - FMSCI and its Women in Motorsport (WIM) arm have come together for a new initiative.

"We have encouraged all our affiliates to add events specifically for women too to draw them into the sport," FMSCI-WIM chairperson Sita Raina said.

"The federation will give every possible support to organisers who try to create a platform for women.”

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the 2018 Auto Expo motor show, where FMSCI also facilitated leading female drivers and riders at its very own stand.

The list included LGB driver Sneha Sharma, cross-country and INRC rallyist Bani Yadav and national motorcycle rider Aishwarya Pissay.

"I would like to believe that if we all have managed to come into motorsport, then many others can do so too,” Sharma said.

“They just need the right kind of guidance and a few opportunities and this is exactly what FMSCI-WIM's vision and mission is all about."

Yadav added: "I really appreciate FMSCI's mission. As a woman, I know how difficult it is to come into the sport. But I believe if the right platform is created, a number of women will come forward to race or rally.”

Like Sharma and Yadav, Pissay was grateful to see the Indian motorsport governing body taking a step to improve sex ratio in Indian motorsport.

"I would like to really appreciate the federation for this wonderful step,” she said.

“They have been a huge pillar of support for me and now with this novel initiative, I am sure many more women will come up in the sport, making the whole racing scene in the country much more exciting and more challenging." 


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