Detachable Airbags for Two-Wheelers by Honda

   Mar 13,2023

Honda is indeed a pioneer in two-wheeler airbag technology, introducing a frontal airbag on the Gold Wing tourer in 2006. The technology hasn't really found its way into the public in the decade and a half since then, and the Gold Wing is still the only bike that offers it.


Honda has submitted design patents indicating that the Japanese conglomerate is working on motorbike airbags that wrap around the rider and then detach from the vehicle. 

Honda's recent patent filings, on the other hand, indicate that the company is getting ready to take things to the next level. We recently discovered a design patent for frontal airbags on scooters that Honda filed right here in India, and now, new filings have emerged that illustrate the innovative detachable airbag concept.

This airbag system, like most others, relies on a canister of pressurized gas to rapidly fill the airbag in the event of a collision. It wraps around the rider's body as it inflates, protecting the chest and back. But it's after that that things start to become interesting. The airbag is sealed with heat before detaching. A check valve is used to guarantee that the airbag deflates at a controlled rate while collecting energy from any accidents.

The airbag system is housed in the front of the seat, between the rider's legs, from whence the airbag inflates and wraps around in the initial design. The second (comfortable) design positions the airbag system behind the rider, roughly between the rider and the pillion seats.

Because this technology is clearly in its early phases of development, it is likely to be on a production vehicle for a while. But it will be interesting to see what solutions Honda develops to suit riders of all shapes and sizes.

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