Debut of TVS Apache RR 310 in Drag Racing

   Nov 25,2022

The Valley Run, a weekend-long event for fans of drag racing on two wheels and four, has taken place in Mumbai every year since 2012. Over 700 people met in 2022 to compete and admire the diverse range of automobiles that came to demonstrate their speed against the clock as they shared a passion for high-octane thrill.


In the hands of renowned Indian motorcycle racer Jagan Kumar, TVS Racing also made its drag-tuned, turbocharged Apache RR 310 premiere at the Valley Run 2022 competition. The TVS Apache RR 310 broke the previous quarter-mile record while being driven by that accomplished racer in 11.5 seconds. K Y Ahamad, a teammate of Kumar's, completed the course in 11.9 seconds.

What modifications did TVS Racing make to this particular RR 310 to increase its performance potential? In addition to the turbocharger's electronic control, the engine now has titanium connecting rods and valves. Additionally, the piston is a forged one, which makes it stronger and lighter than the factory one.
The stock wheels on this racing RR 310 were changed out with carbon fibre ones by TVS Racing in order to cut weight and enhance the power-to-weight ratio. They also decided to replace the stock bodywork and sub-frame with lighter carbon fibre substitutes. This makes the race-ready Apache RR 310 a full 37% lighter than the stock model, claims TVS.

At the curb, the stock TVS Apache RR 310 weighs 174 kilos, or 383.6 pounds. By doing some quick math, this indicates that a weight reduction of 37 percent would reduce the drag race-tuned one to a trim 109.62 kg—or little less than 242 pounds.

Other adjustments made by TVS racing included lowering the ride height to decrease the center of gravity. In order to lengthen the wheelbase and improve wheelie mitigation on its speed runs, the crew also incorporated an extended swingarm, a common drag bike alteration. Additional changes included the wiring of some launch control and the insertion of a quickshifter.

On the race-ready Apache DR-Turbo, Kumar set a new quarter-mile record and reached a high speed of 195 kilometers per hour (or 121 mph). Kudos to Kumar and TVS Racing for the outstanding achievement.

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