Royal Enfield Unveils the Shotgun 650

   Nov 27,2023

With the launch of the latest Himalayan model, Royal Enfield surprised enthusiasts at MotoVerse 2023 by unveiling a distinctive new motorcycle—the Shotgun 650. This particular bike, showcased in the accompanying images, can be considered a factory custom variant. Limited to a production run of just 25 units, each priced at Rs 4.25 lakh (ex-showroom), these exclusive motorcycles will be exclusively available to MotoVerse festival attendees.


Distinguishing features of this limited edition include a meticulously crafted hand-painted design, showcasing intricate details that won't be replicated on the standard production model. However, this unique variant serves as a sneak peek into what enthusiasts can anticipate from the forthcoming production version of the Shotgun 650.

The Shotgun 650 shares its core components, including the 648cc parallel-twin engine and main frame, with the Super Meteor 650. However, substantial revisions have been made to the rest of the motorcycle. The engine undergoes a different state of tune to accommodate the shift in weight, coupled with the introduction of new pea-shooter style exhausts. While specific output figures are yet to be disclosed, it is reasonable to anticipate performance levels within a similar range as the 47hp and 52.3Nm produced by other Royal Enfield 650 models.

With alterations in wheel sizes and weight distribution, the suspension of the Shotgun has undergone significant revisions. The forthcoming production variant of the Shotgun will come equipped with a pillion seat, providing the flexibility to transform into a solo seater by simply undoing four bolts—similar to the showcased bike in the images. In terms of design, the Shotgun leans more towards a roadster aesthetic, featuring chopped fenders and bar-end mirrors, distinguishing itself from the retro cruiser-style design of the Super Meteor.

Diverging from the Super Meteor 650, the Shotgun stands out in terms of ergonomics, featuring mid-mounted foot pegs and a flatter handlebar. As a factory custom build, it exudes a premium feel with impeccable finishing throughout. Notably, details like the brackets for the rider's foot pegs showcase exceptional craftsmanship, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

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