Cross Country Racing: A Courageous And Thrilling Racing

   Nov 19,2022

Cross-country racing, often known as XC racing, can extend over many days or even weeks, making it considerably longer than enduro racing. Although the terrain is not as challenging as Enduro racing, it may cover hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. A cross-country race may traverse numerous states within a country, and occasionally it may cover several nations. Off-road surfaces make up the majority of the terrain of the XC course, which is made of a mixture of asphalt and off-road tracks. The riders must be in good physical and mental shape since they must withstand various weather conditions in addition to a variety of terrain. They must bike through woodlands, gravel, rocky, and occasionally deserted terrain.


How is cross-country organised?

Cross-country races are held on 10-mile-long off-road tracks. Each contestant goes over the course many times and is penalized for going over the bogey. The winner is the contender with the fewest total time penalties, the same as in rallying. Trials include routes, referred to as sections that are delineated by a grid of gates. The lesser the fine, the farther you make it through each segment without stopping or running into a gate.

Where do I begin?

Join your neighborhood Cross Country club by utilizing the Find a Club feature. Additionally, it is a good idea to attend events and speak with the organizers and competitors to learn more because they may offer their knowledge and suggestions. The Association of Land Rover Clubs is focused on such activities for Land Rovers, while the All Wheel Drive Club offers information on Trials, Competitive Safaris, Team Recovery, and Hill Rallies.

To participate in Cross Country Events, such as Tyro, RTV and CCV/Modified Trials, Timed Trials and Competitive Safaris, you must have a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman Competition License. Depending on the Cross Country event, a four-wheel-drive vehicle that can handle rocky terrain is usually required.

What tools do I require?

You'll need to move around the course/sections a significant amount, so wear comfortable shoes or boots and keep a waterproof layer of clothes nearby.

While fireproof overalls are not necessary, you should always make sure that your clothing is composed of natural fibers rather than synthetic ones and that all of your exposed limbs are covered. Helmets that meet Motorsport UK standards are necessary for all timed events.

The Motorsport UK Yearbook's Section P contains the Cross Country technical rules. Regulations specific to an event or Championship can be found in Supplementary Regulations (SRs), which the organizer makes available. All you need to participate in Cross Country races is the use of a regular production of 44 vehicles without any added safety equipment.

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