CCPA stops sale of seat belt alarm clips for road safety

   May 16,2023

In a significant move towards ensuring consumer safety on the road, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has taken decisive action by directing major e-commerce platforms to delist car seat-belt alarm stopper clips. This step highlights the importance of prioritizing road safety and preventing the use of potentially hazardous accessories that compromise the effectiveness of seat belts. 


The CCPA, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, has taken decisive action against the five e-commerce giants for their disregard of consumer rights and engagement in unfair trade practices. Furthermore, the Ministry of Highways and Transport has emphasized the importance of seat belt usage, as stipulated by Regulation 138 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989. It is essential that these regulations are upheld to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals on the road.
The Ministry of Highways and Transport has raised the issue of the open sale of car seat belt alarm stopper clips and demanded action against the vendors or online platforms, as well as issued an advisory.
CCPA has taken swift action against five e-commerce platforms for violating consumer rights and engaging in unfair trade practices by selling car belt alarm stopper clips. As a result, 13,118 of these potentially hazardous accessories have been removed from the e-commerce platforms. This demonstrates the CCPA's commitment to upholding consumer safety and preventing the sale of products that compromise the effectiveness of seat belts, which are critical safety devices in vehicles.
The regulator also stated that utilizing car seat belt alarm stopper clips can be a barrier for customers attempting to claim motor insurance policies, as an insurance company may deny the claim due to the claimant's negligence in using such clips.
Using a seat belt act as a restraint that allows the airbag to offer sufficient cushion and not hit the passengers at full power, and it also acts as a protective shield in case of an accident, according to the report.
CCPA has not only taken action against e-commerce platforms but also issued an advisory to various stakeholders. This advisory encompasses e-commerce entities, industry associations, and voluntary consumer bodies, urging them to ensure that such products are neither manufactured nor sold in the market. 

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