A day at the Super x Mania 2023

   Nov 10,2023

The single-day event showcased exhilarating off-road racing and an abundance of high-energy moments, encompassing various classes and categories of two-wheelers.


The Super x Mania 2023 supercross racing event took place at Venom Motopark, located on the outskirts of Mumbai. Organized by the Indian Automotive Racing Club, the event was led by the 8-time national champion and KTM India factory driver, Rustom Patel, alongside entrepreneur Zubair Agloria. This FMSCI-approved spectacle lived up to its commitment, providing thrilling racing and abundant entertainment. Venom Motopark, crafted by Patel and inaugurated earlier this year, boasts a meticulously designed off-road track.

Eight events captivated the audience, who, undeterred by the blazing heat of a sunny Sunday afternoon, enthusiastically enjoyed the spectacle. The day kicked off with the Group A foreign bikes class, showcasing engine capacities up to 500cc. This particular event, also the longest of the day, unfolded with 12 laps of high-flying racing, featuring top-notch supercross riders from across India. Rugved Barguje from TVS Racing emerged victorious in this thrilling competition.

Additional events comprised the Group B India Experts 500cc category, a distinctive class tailored for Hero Impulse and Xpulse motorcycles with capacities up to 250cc, a beginner class designed exclusively for first-timers, and a children's category catering to participants under 15. In addition to these competitions, there was an exclusive women-only category, a specialized scooter class showcasing off-road tuned and customized scooters limited to 250cc engines, and a Gold Veterans class catering to riders aged 45 and above.

In typical Supercross style, the course incorporated sharp turns and shorter straights in contrast to conventional motocross race tracks. The rugged terrain and steep jumps on the course promised an array of high-flying actions. Remarkably, some jumps propelled riders nearly 20 feet into the air, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Patel expressed satisfaction with the event's success among both participants and the audience, stating, "We're pleased with the positive response." With past experience in organizing events such as the Gulf Monsoon Endurance in August this year, the Venomotorsportz team is gearing up for more future endeavors. Agloria shared, "Several intriguing ideas are currently being considered, and we are in the exploration phase." He added confidently, "I am certain that there are significant achievements ahead for us.

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