Capital Scootering Club Fall Rally 2019

   Aug 21,2019

Capital Scootering Club Fall
Rally 2019
Date: 1 September 2019
Meeting time: 5:00 AM
Meeting place: Janpath Parking, Connaught Circus, New Delhi
Breakfast: Govardhan Vegetarian, Nagia Park Circle, Shakti Nagar, New Delhi
End time: 10:00 AM

Important Instructions:
+ The ride is open for new as well as old members. No fee is charged for participation OR membership.
+ This ride is open for geared scooters only. LML, Bajaj, Vespa, Innocenti, API, and SIL - all make and models of any year are invited to participate.
+ Kindly adhere to the timings of arrival to avoid any inconvenience. Drop a message to any of the contact persons in case of absence or delay.
+ You are requested to wear helmets. Pillion guests aren't an exception. Other riding gear (jacket and gloves) is encouraged.
+ You are suggested to carry as much documents and titles as you can to avoid getting penalised. Following is the checklist:
* Driving Licence
* Registration Certificate
* Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
* Valid Insurance
* Valid Number Plates (Front & Back)
+ We would advice the riders to get their scooters in perfect driving condition. Take care of the vitals of your scooter so as to avoid breakdown.
* Tire pressure
* Fuel
* Electrical
* Breaking
* Horn
+ Team CSC would be carrying essential spares and first aid kit in case of emergency.
+ All the riders are requested to follow two lane formation. Overtaking, speeding and trailing is discouraged. No stunting is allowed.
Kindly share the event on your timeline to let other friends know. All the new participants are requested to drop their contact numbers on WhatsApp for coordination.

Amit @ 9810368175
Sahib @ 9990007148
Shubham @ 9829853519