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5 Things that Stand in the Way of Finding True Love

When it comes to finding true love, we let so many things stand in the way. In the end, WE ultimately prevent ourselves from being happy. It happens to the best of us but it’s ridiculous and absolutely unfair to become a prisoner of…yourself!

Here are 5 things that always stand in the way of finding love:

1. Pride

We can’t fathom the thought of putting ourselves out there. Love requires being vulnerable and letting our guard down and actively looking for someone NEW. We fear going the extra step for anyone because we fear rejection. We fear not being liked. We fear not getting a phone call the next day. (Is being alone better? )

The truth is, we need to let go of the pride. If you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never get exposure and your game will NEVER improve. The goal is to get your game good and strong enough so that you’re NOT intimidated and afraid.

2. Friends

Friends only have their best interests at heart. I discussed that in an earlier post. Friends will keep you from finding someone that makes you happy because they fear losing YOU. And if they’re single.. watch out! They’ll criticize the people you choose. (No one is good enough for their friend). They’ll question your judgment and worse.. make you question your own judgment. The truth is they want happiness for themselves. They want to beat you to the happy ending. You can’t accept that.. you’ve got to come out on top!

3. Fear of Commitment

We fear being tied down to someone because we fear losing ourselves. We fear losing our youth, our friends, our family, our hobbies. The thought of devoting our time and attention to someone other than ourselves makes us feel as though we’re losing who we are. We fear being trapped and not being able to do what WE want when we want to do it. Seriously?

Being in love doesn’t mean you have to let go of who you are and it doesn’t mean you should lose your life AT ALL. Instead, it should feel like you’re sharing your life with someone. P.S. If it feels less than, you haven’t found the one…

4. The ugly past

We become victims of our past. Bad experiences make us fearful of reliving them. We were cheated on, we were physically abused, we were emotionally abused…. so we hold every POTENTIAL partner accountable. Umm.. it’s not their fault. They shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes.

P.S. The more suspicious we are of people, the more we question, the more we compare… the more likely we are to push them away and the more likely they are to run away FOR GOOD.

5. Our parents mistakes

We fear becoming our parents. If our parents (or whoever it was that raised us) experienced a failed marriage, divorce, physical abuse, or single parenting (ughh), we fear becoming THEM. We fear failure. We fear being sad, hurt or… broke.

You are NOT your parents, so quit making excuses. Get on your feet and start looking for love..! You deserve it…

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Posted on 5/30/21 3:54 PM.