Yezdi Roadster giving competition to Royal Enfield Classic 350

   May 08,2023

The Royal Enfield Classic 350, Honda CB 350, and Jawa Forty-Two 2.1 are among the competitors for the Yezdi Roadster. The Yezdi Roadster is a cruiser bike between the Scrambler and the Adventure. Starting at  Rs. 1,98,142 (ex-showroom) for the Dark colour options and rising to Rs. 2,06,142 for the Chrome colour options. 


Yezdi has traditionally been the Indianized version of the Jawa, and the tradition will continue into 2022. Mechanically, all three employ the same 334 cc Jawa Perak engine, but they are adjusted differently. The Roadster, for example, has a much flatter torque curve, and with an extra sixth gear, you can expect it to drive on highways with ease. Such attentiveness is prevalent on the motorbike. We've covered five crucial points you should be aware of before purchasing the Roadster.


The Roadster is powered by 334 cc engine. Yezdi's engine receives new cams and a larger throttle body. Power output is lower than that of the Perak, with 29.7 PS and 29 Nm of peak torque. When compared to the Scrambler and Aventure, the Roadster has a flatter torque curve that peaks at lower revs. So, based on its specifications, the Roadster should be a pleasant motorcycle to ride.


The Roadster is supported by telescopic forks with 135 mm wheel travel up front and twin gas-filled emulsion rear shock absorbers with 100 mm wheel travel (for a nostalgic touch). Braking duties are handled by 230 mm front disc brakes and 240 mm rear disc brakes, with dual-channel ABS and three modes.

The panel under the front seat appears just like it did on the old bike. The small LED headlamps are reminiscent of a particular Harley-Davidson, and the twin exhaust system sets it apart from the rest of the lineup. It also has alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, 18" at the front and 17" at the rear.


The Yezdi Roadster comes with three ABS modes: Road, Off-road, and Rain. The modes are accessible by buttons on the left handlebar. The button configuration is similar to that of the KTM ADV 250. Aside from that, the Roadster will have full-LED headlights and taillights. It will also include a full LCD instrument cluster with real-time mileage, remaining range, gear position, rpm, fuel level, clock, trip metre and light indicators. Unfortunately, unlike the other two, the Roadster lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

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