Nov 22,2022

The joint FIA and FIM Women in Motorsports Conference will be held at the Royal Automobile Club in London on December 12, 2022, and is being announced by the FIA and the FIM. Motorsports is one of the very few sports where women and men may compete on an even playing field. The FIA and FIM are two federations that have long been dedicated to giving women in sports more opportunities. The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission and FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission have previously worked together on several occasions to promote gender equality and aid women in claiming their positions, both on and off the track.


The FIA and FIM Women in Motorsports Conference will bring together influential people striving to increase women's diversity in motorsports across various activities, including volunteering, engineering, team management, medical and safety staff, and athlete welfare. The event will be free to watch live on the FIA and FIM Facebook sites, and it will feature a range of presentations and engaging speakers.

Hankook Tire Europe, Miller Insurance Services LLP, and WebsEdge are supporting the conference as event partners.

"Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are at the core of the FIA agenda under my leadership," FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem remarked. In our objective to provide women with more possibilities in all sectors of motorsport, the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission is paving the way. The goal of this joint conference is to highlight the breadth of career options available to women by bringing together influential figures from the two- and four-wheeled motorsport industries. I am incredibly appreciative of the Royal Automobile Club's assistance in sponsoring this significant event.

Deborah Mayer, president of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, said: "I am thrilled with this conference, which will emphasize the role and prospects for women in motorsports, both on and off the track. We aim to increase awareness and encourage careers on a larger scale by collaborating closely with the FIM and other international sporting federations in the future. Our important partners and the speakers who will honor us with their contributions deserve our deepest gratitude.

Jorge Viegas, president of the FIM, stated: "At FIM, we work to open up and include everyone in the motorcycle community. Though much more has to be done, our Women's Commission is dedicated to enhancing gender diversity in our sport. To spread awareness of the issue, I am thus happy to be holding this meeting in close collaboration with the FIA. Future motorsport leaders have a wide range of possibilities, and it is our responsibility to promote them! I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event.

Nita Korhonen, Director of (FIM Women, Motorcycling Commission), said, “Together, we aim to ensure everyone who wants to become a part of the motorcycle and motorsport community. This seminar will demonstrate the variety of options to participate in the fantastic world of two and four wheels. I am grateful for the excellent collaboration of the Royal Automobile Club, our partners, speakers, and, of course, the FIA.”

"As a founding member of the FIA, it is a pleasure to host the FIA and FIM Women in Motorsports Conference in our London clubhouse," stated Ben Cussons, chairman of the Royal Automobile Club. With a 125-year history, the Club's illustrious past is mirrored in that of driving and motorsport; in 1903, it formed the Auto-Cycle Union, which in 1907 hosted the first Isle of Man TT. The Club still supports and develops automobiles, whether they have two, three, or four wheels, today through a busy calendar of events, activities, and awards. We eagerly anticipate hosting everyone in December.

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