Toyota Innova Hycross: Design revealed ahead of its debut next month

   Oct 29,2022

Ahead of its world debut subsequent month, Toyota has launched a teaser picture of the InnovaHycross. The image reveals the front cease of the new three-row MPV, and styling cues like the grille from Toyota's international models like the Corolla Cross are seen.


The brand new Toyota Hycross is a global model. It will be offered in international markets like Indonesia, where it is most likely known as the "InnovaZenix". 

What does the teaser image of the Toyota InnovaHycross reveal?

The teaser image reveals the front end of the vehicle with a protrusive large and upright hexagon-shaped grille, which appears the same as in the Toyota Corolla Cross. Wide headlamps are also visible with two L-shaped inserts that house the main units of light. The bonnet has a strong crease, and the bumper has triangle-shaped housing for the fog lights. The vehicle's front design reveals the new MPV'S intent to appear like a crossover.

Hycross was one noticed checking out, and the spy photos hinted at how it would appear from different angles. The spy images exhibit that the MPV has tail lamps in the horizontal direction with LED brake lights, and at the sides, it has 10 spoke alloy wheels.

In terms of dimensions, the new InnovaHycross appears slightly larger than Innova Crysta. It is around 4.7 meters long with a wheelbase of 2,850mm. The USP of the vehicle is its space, as it will offer multiple seating options like the existing model. 

Technology and equipment of Toyota InnovaHycross

The equipment list of Toyota InnovaHycorss is expected to be longer that includes features like a 360-degree camera, wireless charger, sunroof, and in the second row, an 'ottoman function' for the captain's chairs. A touchscreen infotainment system is also revealed in the spy pictures.

Monocoque and FWD of Toyota InnovaHycross

Innova will be available with a monocoque structure in addition to a front-wheel drive layout for the first time. All the preceding iterations of MPV had been based totally on ladder frame development and rear-wheel-drive set-up. The monocoque structure will allow the Hycross to have a flat floor at the back, which will liberate extra space. The Innova is primarily based on the modular TNGA-C platform of Toyota.

There is no diesel engine

As it is reported earlier, there will be no diesel engine in InnovaHycross. It is only available with Petrol-hybrid, as in Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder (recently launched). InnovaHycross will use a big 2.0-liter unit for the strong hybrid powertrain instead of the 1.5 on the Hyryder.

As stated before, InnovaHycross will be rebranded for Maruti Suzuki and offered via the Nexa line of the dealership. Maruti's version of Hycross will have marked styling features, like different designs for tail-lamps and headlamps, ad a unique grille with few interior changes.

The Debut of Hycross will take place in November, with an announcement for price early next year.

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