Tips to take care of cars engine

   Sep 14,2022

A car's engine is considered its heart and taking its care is of utmost priority. You don’t want to ignore the crucial part of the car and land in an unpleasant situation. But there are many drivers who without paying any heed to the car’s condition, just hop into the Car and drive away. A healthy engine ensures the long life of the vehicle.


If you are looking for tips to take care of the engine and enhance the longevity of the vehicle, you have landed on the right page.

How to take care of the engine

  • Maintain Cooling System

Looking for the cooling system in a car is mandatory as it helps in the smooth running of the vehicle and enhances the engine’s overall performance and life. During motion, the engine generates a lot of heat and to maintain the temperature there is a cooling system fitted in the car. The water or coolant that flows through the engine absorbs the heat and then flows back to the radiator where the air is circulating through the grill to cool it down and the cycle continues. Radiator belts and hoses should be inspected for any wear and tear regularly.

  • Change the engine oil regularly

Engine oil is to keep the vital parts lubricated else the parts will wear and tear due to friction. The first and foremost thing is to use the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer and secondly to change it regularly. 

  • Don’t ignore checking the engine light

Sometimes, on the dashboard, a yellow light illuminates starting the car. It’s called a check engine light which is indicating any issue with the engine that needs an instant check in the nearest garage. 

  • Change the fuel filters

The main aim of the fuel filters is to keep the debris from entering the engine and resulting in any damage. In the process, they get clogged and cause stress to vital parts of the car. To let them function properly, either clean or replace them. 

  • Check spark plugs

As the name indicates, Spark plugs receive high voltage and produce a spark to power the engine. They should be checked for any dust particles or wear and tear. It is advisable to replace them before reaching the point of failure.

  • Check battery

If the car is not in use for a long time it loses its charge and in this condition, it car will require a jumpstart. Hence, check the battery before taking the car on road. 

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