Tips for Bike Racing Beginners

   Aug 24,2022

The easiest way to get into motorsports today is racing a motorcycle. They are simple to maintain & learn, and amusing to ride. Motorcycles are comparatively more cost-effective than buying a car. But they are not much safe when compared to cars and beginners should make sure to ride safely on roads before partaking in the competition. The first aim of a beginner must be to ride safely. 


To make it more easy and safe, we have assembled below a few tips to begin your journey.

  • Get an easy-to-handle bike

The common mistake made by beginners is buying a bike that is too big for them. It is regardless of the fact that you can afford a costly bike; initially, you only need a bike between 100cc and 200cc, which is easy to handle. Moreover, it will limit you from performing potentially risky stunts while you still a novice. After you master the basics of riding, you can then buy a more powerful bike. 

  • Upgrades the headlights

Change the headlights of the motorcycle to a more modern brighter LED that makes it easy for other riders to see you at night. LED lights are more efficient on energy you can afford to leave them lit at night as well as in the daytime also for safety. Apart from this, upgrade your signal lights as well.

  • Limit the distance you ride each day

For beginners, distance is the most crucial bike riding aspect. The distance you cover daily depends on your experience, fitness, weather, and road conditions. Initially, aim for minimum riding distance, because riding for too long, when you are inexperienced, affects your efficiency & focus and put you at risk of an accident.

  • Ride Defensively

The majority of people can’t resist the temptation of aggressive riding, especially during competitions. But beginners need to avoid this attitude. It’s natural to feel comfortable after mastering the basics of riding, but one should not drive aggressively. Motorcycles are less safe than cars, so it is wise to avoid putting yourself in danger and ride defensively. 


Be a more confident and responsible rider. Acquire the skills that help you in going faster on the track. Always follow road rules and get ready to go…

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