Temporary Suspension of Toyota Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Hilux Shipments in India

   Feb 14,2024

Toyota Kirloskar Motor has announced a temporary halt in dispatches of three of its popular utility vehicles in India – the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux. This pause is due to discrepancies found in the horsepower certification tests for the diesel engines in these models.


Toyota Motor Corporation explained that they had outsourced the development of these diesel engines to Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). Recently, TICO informed Toyota about irregularities identified by a special investigation committee regarding the horsepower output certification for three diesel engines.

It was discovered that during testing, the engines' horsepower performance was measured using a different software in the electronic control units (ECU) than what is used in mass production. This change was made to smooth out the performance values, showing less variation. Globally, ten Toyota models are affected by this issue, including six in Japan. Notably, the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux contribute to nearly one-third of Toyota Kirloskar Motors' total sales in India.

Although dispatches are on hold, Toyota Kirloskar Motor will continue production and accept orders for these models. For vehicles already dispatched but not yet delivered, the company will inform customers about the situation before proceeding with registration and delivery for those who still wish to receive their vehicles.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor apologized for any inconvenience or concern caused to customers and stakeholders, and is coordinating with relevant authorities to reconfirm certification data for the affected vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corporation reassured that after re-examination, the mass-produced engines and vehicles meet the required performance standards, indicating no necessity to stop using the affected engines or vehicles. However, they apologized for the inconvenience and concern caused to customers and stakeholders.

TICO has temporarily suspended shipments of the affected engines following the investigation findings. Toyota has committed to taking appropriate measures, including conducting tests in the presence of witnesses, if necessary.

This incident has highlighted the need for a change in mindset and a reform of corporate culture within the company, as stated by Toyota. They acknowledge the seriousness of these certification irregularities, which have impacted the trust in the company. Toyota plans to support TICO in revitalizing its engine business, emphasizing the importance of proper certification processes in the automotive industry.

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