Tata Motors and Mahindra Did a Splendid Job

   Aug 25,2022

The Indian auto industry is right now the fourth biggest in the world, with some anticipating that we will be the world's third biggest market by 2030. It is not clear that we can achieve that milestone, but if we look back on the 1970s then we can understand that we have come a long way.


Long before, the Indian automotive industry was not advanced. Unless the buyers were wealthy enough to import cars, they were restricted to models made in India. Initially, some foreign collaborationism got involved in the production of cars and two-wheelers. There weren’t any choices to speak of like, Ambassadors, Fiats, Marutis, Standard Heralds, Lambrettas, Jawas, and Royal Enfields. 

Things changed gradually when Maruti Suzuki started operations here, and after many years they did, one could purchase a Mercedes Benz E-Class in India. A surge of global brands scrambled toward our nation, and soon our auto market took on an extremely multicultural look - Japanese, Korean, German, British, French, and Italian became the dominant focal point and keeping in mind that our native manufacturers were especially near, they thought their selves to be outclassed.

Tata Motors and Mahindra battled to match the quality, diversion factor, and refinement presented by worldwide brands. But the products just didn’t match up.

The turnaround could never have been more distinct or satisfying. Particularly, in the last two-odd years, these brands have come a long way. 

Tata and Mahindra vehicles presently look great, are well finished, come stacked with fabulous elements, and are splendidly valued - simply take a look at what Mahindra has pulled off with the completely stacked Scorpio-N, for instance. They give amazing driving experience on a regular premise and not only in rough terrain conditions; the Nexon EV is a flat-out hoot, for instance, just like the XUV700 - which is one reason it's our Car of The Year 2022. It's awesome to have the Indian back in the Indian car industry once more.

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