Rising Stars: FIA Girls on Track

   Nov 24,2022

For Alice Buckley from Australia, Chloe Chong and Chloe Grant from Britain, Aurelia Nobels from Belgium, and others, this final week of the FIA's female talent detection program has been a big step toward their goals of becoming professional race car drivers. They become entirely engrossed in Maranello while learning priceless information from FDA professionals who are committed to fostering the professional careers of some of the sport's most promising prospects.


The four young women made it their mission to give their all during the camp's many activities, including theory classes, physical and attitude assessments, media work, and simulator sessions. The group relocated to Fiorano for the final two days of testing, driving a Formula 4 vehicle equipped with the same Pirelli tyres as those used in the Italian championship. The first two "rising stars" of the FIA program, Maya Weug and Laura Camps Torres, visited the championship to share their experiences with the four finalists, and Maya set the reference lap.

The head of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, Deborah Mayer, kept a close eye on the young women on the track to see whether they were ready to advance in their careers.
The four finalists might join the Ferrari Driver Academy and participate in Formula 4 for the Iron Dames as the third "Rising Star". Before making a final decision that may have a profound effect on one of the young racers' careers, the Ferrari Driver Academy experts will examine all the information obtained from each of the four contenders.

After the junior finals, which will be held in Maranello and at the Franciacorta circuit, the champion is to be announced on 21-24 November.

"I watched with great enthusiasm and interest the evolution of our four finalists at the Ferrari Driver Academy, a school of excellence and inspiration," said Deborah Mayer, president of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission. Chloe Chong, Chloe Grant, Aurelia Nobels, and Alice Buckley rose to the occasion and showed their talent. The value of this unique initiative, which gives young girls a chance to grow and realize their dream of a future in motorsport, is further illustrated by its third iteration, "FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars." 

Other Updates

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