Nissan Revealing an EV Sports Car Concept on February 2

   Feb 01,2023

Nissan has revealed that a new sports car concept will be unveiled on February 2. The concept car, which is expected to be the physical embodiment of the Max-Out design study that was previewed in December 2021, will be electric and will focus on zero-emission mobility.


The silhouette of the concept strongly recalls the digital-only Max-Out concept, according to a preview of the broadcast on the firm's official YouTube page. This suggests that Nissan has created a practical version of the idea shown in 2021. The production of a real-world Max-Out model demonstrates the brand's renewed commitment to driver-focused sports vehicles in the midst of the company's push toward electrification.

Previous photographs have suggested a bare-bones configuration, with little more than a squared-off steering wheel and a display screen spanning the dashboard, implying that the concert sports car will feature the same interior as the Max-Out. According to Nissan, the passenger seat can be folded into the floor to increase space.

Expected Powertrain

According to the Japanese company, the forward-thinking design study would provide a "unique driving experience with its exceptional stability and comfort," tight handling, and low body roll. The prototype will demonstrate these traits thanks to solid-state battery technology.

"The solid-state batteries could accept quadruple the 130kW charge rate of the Nissan Ariya's lithium-ion pack," said David Moss, Nissan's senior vice president for research and development in Europe. As a result of such charger speeds, Nissan may be able to reduce the size and weight of a car's battery pack, providing significant gains to performance and dynamics while maintaining usability when compared to existing models.

Plans for Nissan

Nissan has committed €15.6 billion (Rs 1.38 lakh crore) over the next five years to the development of EVs, in addition to the €7.8 billion (Rs 69,000 crore) it has previously invested. The Max-Out is the sportiest of a series of '-Out' cars that hint at the next generation of Nissan EVs. The remaining models in the lineup are the Chill-Out crossover, the Surf-Out pick-up, and the Hang-Out MPV.

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