New Street Circuit is set to debut in the Indian Racing League 2023

   Apr 07,2023

The 2023 Indian Racing League would feature a brand-new Indian street circuit, according to Akhil Reddy, chairman and managing director of Racing Promotions Private Limited (RPPL). The F4 Indian Championship is also scheduled to begin this year after multiple delays. But the Formula Regional Indian Championship's debut might require us to wait a little longer.


New India Street Race

Reddy also said organizers intend to update the schedule to include a new street circuit. A decision will be made regarding one of the three nominated cities—Goa, Pondicherry, or Chennai—by the end of this month. Reddy explained that the current permanent circuits in the nation, such as the Madras International Circuit and Buddh International Circuit, are located very far from city centers, so RPPL is concentrating on street races.

Although the official schedule won't be released until soon, the 2023 season is planned to span from mid-October to mid-December. The inaugural Indian Racing League season last year was shortened to four back-to-back rounds due to all the delays. When teams and organizers raced to get everything packed and transported on time, this presented a significant challenge. The 2023 calendar will be slightly more evenly spaced out to prevent a repeat of this.

The debut of F4 India in 2023

In 2021, plans for Formula Regional India, the nation's first F3 competition graded by the FIA, were unveiled. This will create a pathway for young racers to enter the world of international competition along with F4 India and the Indian Regional Championship. More importantly, Formula Regional and F4 India pledged to provide Super Licence points required to qualify for the F1 competition. Nevertheless, both tournaments had to be postponed due to the pandemic and supply related delays.

F4 India will finally make its debut this year, according to Reddy, while organizers are still debating if Formula Regional India should be postponed until 2024. According to Reddy, we have some reservations regarding Formula Regional since, in the absence of F3, we would have to move close to 40 vehicles every weekend.

The Gen 2 Mygale F4 car, used in the French F4 championship, is FIA-homologated and will be utilized in the F4 Indian championship. An Alpine 1.3-liter turbocharged engine powers the vehicles.

The Wolf GB08 Thunder single-seater will still be used in the second season of the Indian Racing League. With six city-based teams fielding a mix of foreign and Indian drivers, the same concept will be used. There will be one female driver on each team as well. GodSpeed Kochi took first place in the inaugural race, and Akhil Rabindra of the Hyderabad Blackbirds won the drivers' championship.

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