Massive Discounts of Up to Rs 60,000 on Kawasaki Motorcycles this month

   Dec 11,2023

Experience the thrill of the ride with discounted prices on Kawasaki's top models. The Vulcan S, Ninja 400, Ninja 650, and Versys 650 are all available at special prices, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to own these iconic bikes with attractive savings. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and elevate your riding experience today.


Embrace the spirit of the festive season with Kawasaki's exciting December 2023 discounts on various twin-cylinder models. Revel in the joy of savings as discounts ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 enhance the affordability of these high-performance motorcycles. This limited-time offer extends across a selection of Kawasaki's lineup, providing enthusiasts with an excellent opportunity to make their riding dreams a reality while enjoying substantial savings on some of the brand's most coveted twin-cylinder models. Seize the moment and ride into the New Year with style and savings.

Explore thrilling discounts on Kawasaki's renowned models this season! The Versys 650 adventure tourer, typically priced at Rs 7.77 lakh, now enjoys a generous Rs 20,000 reduction. Likewise, the Ninja 650 sport-bike sees a Rs 35,000 discount from its Rs 7.16 lakh tag, while the Ninja 400, originally at Rs 5.24 lakh, shares the same discount. For cruiser enthusiasts, the Vulcan S, priced at Rs 7.10 lakh, steals the spotlight with a substantial Rs 60,000 off. Seize the savings and ride in style with Kawasaki.

Beyond the enticing discounts on twin-cylinder models, Kawasaki is set to enhance its single-cylinder presence in India with the W175 urban retro. This stylish model promises a unique blend of classic design and modern performance. As Kawasaki continues to cater to diverse rider preferences, the W175 is poised to capture the urban retro market, providing enthusiasts with a compelling option for those seeking a distinctive and efficient single-cylinder riding experience. Stay tuned for an exciting addition to Kawasaki's dynamic lineup in India.

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